“What do you want to be when you grow up?”

I was six years old. My grandmother and I were sitting together on her elaborately-knit chenille couch graced by a parade of stuffed animals, dinosaur action figures, and matchbox cars. I replied matter-of-factly, “I want to be a paleontologist.”


Jennifer Wilkins (far right), Internship Coordinator and Chris LaGrow (Far left), Associate Director of the Career Development Office. Image is subject to copyright by Fredonia’s CDO office.

On the second floor of Gregory Hall, riddled with snoopy figurines and Game of Thrones paraphernalia, there exists the office of career counselor, Christopher Lagrow. It is a homey room that expresses just who he is; a professional and deeply committed counselor with an err of natural informality.

LaGrow has…

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How is it possible to find fulfillment in life when you’re slogging away at an endless sea of documents at your office computer, or chugging away flipping greasy burgers at McDonald’s?

Newsflash — It isn’t.

These jobs serve as temporary milestones for teens learning how to be responsible or folks…

(Warning — not educational nor informative. This is a rant. I repeat, a rant.)

What we have is a refrigerator of rotten food that needs to be thrown out. But because of our collective ignorance and our crippling fear of change, we’ve decided that instead of throwing out all of…

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This article is going to take on an unfixed narrative style. Consider this article a form of an open diary or free-form expression of random bursts of post-meditative thoughts and inquiries about my own psyche. I am sure you can relate in some capacity. …

Victor Schmitt-Bush

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